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Friends star James Michael Tyler has died

James Michael Tyler as Gunther, here with Jennifer Aniston, in “Friends” (archive photo). The actor died of cancer on Sunday. (Source: Everett Group / imago images)

He played the role of Gunther in the American series “Friends”. James Michael Tyler passed away on Sunday at the age of 59. Died of cancer.

American actor James Michael Tyler died today, Sunday, with his family, according to American media. Tyler was considered “the seventh friend” and appeared nearly 150 times on the 10-year series. The most frequent character, he played a cafe clerk who fell in love with Rachel, played by Jennifer Aniston. He’s back in front of the camera for the special edition of “Friends,” which premiered on HBO earlier this year.

In the series “Scrubs”, Tyler played the role of a healer, appeared on the American cooking program “Iron Chef” in the USA and played his role in the series “Episodes”.

Tyler announced earlier this year that he has prostate cancer. The Friends Productions spoke on Twitter: “Warner Bros. Television is in mourning for James Michael Tyler, a beloved actor and an integral part of the Friends family. Our thoughts are with his family, friends, colleagues and fans.”

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