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Galilea Montejo claimed Emma Pulido to make her cry: ‘She was so rude’

Galilea Montejo remembered that Emma Pulido had yelled at her and criticized her in the past

In the third season of Dancing stars todayAnd Emma Pulido He is a member of the jury and on one of the recent radio shows, he received harsh allegations from Jalil Montego: “You have been very rude to me since day one,” the presenter said.

Comment came when Juliana and Alfredo Tami They finished their dance, when they approached the judges for their qualifications, teacher Emma Pulido told them that they had several aspects to improve because they did not take advantage of the vastness of the space.

Photos: Gettyimages Instagram / @ema_pulido_

However, it seemed to the driver that the way he expressed it was much more than that soft and understanding Regarding the level of your demand when Emma was a judge in Dancing for a dream The reality show in which Al Jalil was a contestant and even Came to tears.

“I will speak and I do not know whether all couples like what I will say or not, I just want to remember that many years ago, teacher Emma Pulido, You were rude to me from day oneI remember it more I was crying in the dressing roomThe presenter started Hui.

In the allegation, Montejo stated that the cause of her tears was the pressure and misunderstanding that Emma had imposed on her. “Because you told me “You don’t come here with the bandages.” And I’m “I got hurt”, but “you”I don’t care and you don’t come to open your legs‘, he remembers.

Galilea remembered that he was very demanding with her (Image: Capture of Youtube/Hoy)
Galilea remembered that he was very demanding with her (Image: Capture of Youtube/Hoy)

Galilea even imitated a jazz dancer to make the claim humorous, but she was able to communicate that at the time, the comments hurt her. “Your dream is worth it to me and I don’t care that you’re not a dancer, so why participate?”Montejo was mentioned as an extreme phrase.

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Emma Pulido’s reaction was to say “Oh no, how awful!”; The former Dancing For A Dream contestant, for her part, ended the claim by saying, “Now I see her, I was going to stick Emma today at that time teacher.”

In this regard, the founder and director of Jazz-Mex and San Juan de Letrán stated that the passage of time has changed it, Leave aside the extreme demands against the contestants.

Galilea Montague would have liked to be judged "Emma today" (Photo: Instagram / @netasdivinastv)
Galilea Montejo would have liked to have been judged “La Emma de Hoy” (Image: Instagram/@netasdivinastv)

According to the National Dance Coordination in the Ministry of Culture, Emma Pulido has danced in several musical comedies How do Mami, sugar, peppin y Love without barriers. also cI collaborated on the choreographic part of the stage La Mancha manShe has danced in music programs for television and in national and international programmes.

“This is a woman who pursued the goals she had set for herself, as in Emma Pulido Dance Studioa training center to which he devoted a large part of his time and which he founded in 1977, can be read at live to dance.

This is the list of couples for the third season of Dancing stars today And the rankings they have collected until the May 5th show:

Members of Las Estrellas Bailan en Hoy Photo: Instagram / @programahoy
Members of Las Estrellas Bailan en Hoy Photo: Instagram / @programahoy

– Gomita and Miguel Martinez – 24 points

Manelik and Carlos Spitzer – 22 points

– Mayer Claire Harp and Alex Doran – 22 points

Olivia Collins and Oscar Medellin – 21 points

-Violet Isevil Remix 20 points

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Les Vega and Raul Magana – 20 points

– Tonita and Chow – 20 points

– Juliana and Alfredo Tami – 19 points

Marisol Terrazas and Cesar Urrea – 19 points

Excelsa, Harachen and Harachon -16 points

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