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Game Boy Advance Castlevania set could come to Nintendo Switch

According to a new leak Nintendo Switch You will be about to receive three of the best games of the time of Game Boy Advance and Konami, one of the best epic stories in Castlevania Stranded on a Nintendo handheld console in the early 2000s

Australia’s video game rating agency has leaked a new record of Castlevania Advance group, according to Character Book كتابAnd the Which cannot mean anything other than that Konami is about to revive some of the Game Boy Advance classics from the franchise Castlevania.

will be about Castlevania: circle of the moon, first game Castlevania on the Nintendo Game Boy Advance released in 2001, as well as Castlevania: Harmony disharmony from 2002 and finally Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow from 2003.

A jewel in the era of Game Boy Advance | Photo: movie galore

Two decades later, none of these three groups has been found Castlevania It was not available on any platform other than Game Boy Advance, except for arya sadness, which was also released for mobile devices in 2008.

Record Castlevania Advance Collection It was held on the 18th of June According to the leak details, it will be published under the Konami Digital Entertainment brand and will be developed by M2, which is behind some Remake From classic titles like Fantasy Zone II s Castlevania Anniversary Collection.


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