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GameStop is holding two PlayStation 5 restocking events this week

Tomorrow may be Apple’s event day, but for those still trying to pick up Sony’s next-gen game console, every day is a day to look forward to. Fortunately, we’re happy to report that GameStop is scheduling PlayStation 5 restocks twice this week. The retailer will put the PS5 digital version on sale on its site starting Tuesday, March 8 at 11AM ET / 8AM PT. That’s a rare drop only for the entry-level model of the PS5, which lacks a drive. But if you’re hoping to get the standard PS5 equipped with discs, there’s more hope for you later this week. Some GameStop stores will have the standard form on Friday, March 11th for in-person sales.

Both PS5 resupplies will be in bundle form, which is typical of GameStop. They are also exclusive to GameStop Power Rewards Pro أعضاء MembersPaid membership costs $14.99 annually. according to abbreviationThe PS5 digital edition will be available in two package options. One will cost $652.97 and will include the console (usually only $399), a Red DualSense Extra Controllera PowerA DualSense Charging Stationand a $50 GameStop Gift Card, a $50 PlayStation Network Gift Card, and a 12-month subscription to PlayStation Plus. The second bundle costs $661.98 and features the PS5 digital edition with a DualSense controller in red and PowerA Charging StationBut it comes with a file Samsung TB 980 Pro SSD 980 Pro Instead of gift cards, allowing you to upgrade the storage capacity of your PS5.

PS5 replacement skins are available in multiple colors, if you want to match your console with the included console.
Photo by Cameron Faulkner / The Verge

For the in-store restock set for Friday, March 11th, this bundle should include the regular PS5 with drive, Gran Turismo 7 25th Anniversary EditionAnd the Horizon Special Edition: The Forbidden Westa PowerA DualSense Charging Stationa HyperX Cloud HeadphonesAnd a $50 PlayStation Network gift card. Finally, this bundle will cost $797.96, which is a far cry from the console’s $499 value when sold on its own, but at least these are some of the latest games and accessories you might want.

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This is shaping up to be one of GameStop’s most popular PS5 reboots in quite some time, but availability will likely be very limited. When it comes to ordering a digital edition bundle from the GameStop website, be sure to sign in with your Pro account beforehand and fill out all shipping and billing information beforehand. We’ll update this post with more details and links to GameStop listings as soon as we have them. I wish you the best, both online and in person.