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GI Joe vs Cobra im kostenlosen Action-MMO

GI Joe vs Cobra im kostenlosen Action-MMO

GI Joe vs Cobra is available on World of Tanks Modern Armor. You can find more information about the intersection here.

Wargaming welcomes the heroes and villains of the world of GI Joe to the consoles of the free action game MMO World of Tanks Modern Armor. New content is now available to all players on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series S | X as a free download.

In World of Tanks Modern Armor: GI Joe, players unlock many unique rewards in 100 challenging levels. From the heroic GI Joe Mission Force or the villains of Cobra, hardworking players await in-game currency, consumables, Cobra 2D Premium Commander, T-54 First Prototype, and “Cobra BOA”.

Players who purchase the paid upgrade of the Season Pass can unlock more challenges and rewards, such as the 2D and 3D Duke Commander and the popular GI JOE MOBAT tank. In addition, Ultimate Season Pass owners get the coveted Cobra HISS tank and Cobra Commander 3D.

“Following the release of Modern Armor, we wanted to add even more excitement this summer with content based on the classic GI JOE franchise. With such a fitting theme, our studio has worked hard to integrate popular tanks like MOBAT and HISS and we look forward to releasing more GI JOE content over the course of the season.” , said TJ Wagner, creative director of World of Tanks Modern armor.

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