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Gollum will debut in 2022. The creators calm the waiting fans

Gollum will debut in 2022. The creators calm the waiting fans

Still waiting for The Lord of the Rings: Gollum? We first heard about the production two years ago, when we were presented with a short video, and over the following months we were inundated with loads of reports, concept art, screenshots, and of course the trailers. We had the most recent one in December of last year at The Game Awards 2021 and it was a warm welcome.

Since then, there has been silence on the part of the creators. We didn’t get any new information and that of course made fans worried about production delays (as has been the case with many others recently). Fortunately, the latest Q&A (Q&A) panel on Steam indicates when Gollum will debut. What everyone was hoping for was confirmed thereme:

Our current target for a game release is fall 2022.

That’s great news and despite the fact that we’re dealing here “Just” with the emphasis of the previous words, such words will surely calm many people. Of course, it is still only a certain period for the debut, not a specific date, and everything can easily be leveled in the end in a row, but you need to believe that the team will simply present a successful project. Are you waiting for the next adventure in the world of Lord of the Rings?

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