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Google Docs: How to use the new emoji interactions

Google Docs: How to use the new emoji interactions

On google docs Words dominate the scene, even though she’ll be sharing the spotlight with her soon emoji which are usually circulated in messengers and social networks. It was announced this week that a word processor in the cloud will add an option Reply to texts with feelings.

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More specifically, the reaction emoji is available on other platforms such as Meta’s Instagram, Apple’s iMessage, and Slack.

Google Docs integrates reactions with emojis

Google said in its announcement that the Docs app is adding the set of icons from the Emoji 14.0 package. Thanks to this add-on, users will be able to use a large number of files Drawings to express your mood or your opinion on texts From the online platform, in many cases used collaboratively.

Emojis are also offered in different genders, including neutral ones. There are also different skin tones, in keeping with the search for diversity seen among emojis in recent years.

One thing to note: the feature will appear by default in the release for end users.

Google Docs: How to use the new emoji interactions

The procedure is simple. Docs users should Move the cursor to a word in the document and click on the item “Add a reactionThis way, the emojis available to express yourself in an alternate way will appear in the word processor.

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Google clarified that emoji preferences in Docs (for example, skin tone) will also apply to the Google Chat messaging service.

Feedback with emojis in Google Docs: When will it be triggered for end users?

The American company stated that the job will be rolled out gradually From April 20.

The option will be available for Google Workspace Essentials, Business Starter, Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Standard, and Enterprise Plus. Those responsible for this cloud solution have decided not to activate the feature for Enterprise Essentials, Education Fundamentals, Frontline, Nonprofits, G Suite Basic, and Business.

Google cares about emojis

Did you know that the search engine company has employees dedicated specifically to creating emojis? in the middle of last year, TN Techno I spoke with Jennifer Daniel, Creative Director of Emojis at Google. On this occasion, she said:Now we do not communicate with words as before, there are photos, videos and stickers. People use more emojis to show more emotions. In this pandemic, instead of sending a heart to my mother, I send her a “10”, to show how much I love and miss her.

Google Docs: How to use the new emoji interactions

What’s new in Google Docs points in the same direction, although in an environment where words continue to “send”.