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The Google Announce that starting June 1 it will be a game changer, that is, if you exceed the space limit in your Gmail mailbox or Google Drive, it will charge you for using more storage in your cloud.

Currently The Google Offer for every user you use Google Photos, Google Drive, and Gmail About 15 GB. If the limit is exceeded, Mountain View will send you a message indicating that you need more space.

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Each user can decide whether to purchase more cloud storage. Otherwise, you simply have to start deleting photos, videos, documents, etc.

How much can you pay monthly for space in The Google? If you have saved your photos and even your WhatsApp conversations to Google Drive, here we will tell you how much the company will start charging you from June 1.

How much will Google charge for space in GMAIL, images, and drive

  • If you want to get 15 GB on Google, it’s completely free.
  • If you exceed the 15GB limit, the 100GB plan will be offered at 6.49 insoles per month, or 64.99 insoles per year if not.
Learn about all of Google’s plans to get more cloud storage. (Image: Google)
  • If you want more space, you can choose 200GB, which is the same space that costs 9.99 insoles per month or 99.99 insoles per year.
  • Finally, another package is 2 TB, this one costs 32.49 insoles; While the annual is 324.99 insole.

If you choose any of the three, the payment will be made with your credit and debit card. If you want more storage for a year, you can cancel it 365 days in advance to avoid further charges.

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