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“Google is crazy and Apple should be stopped,” said the CEO behind “Fortnite”.

“Apple must be stopped” and “Google is crazy”. Those are the smartest statements Tim SweeneyCEO of a video game studio that’s developing Fortnite: Battle Royale, within the framework of the meeting held this week in Seoul, South Korea. As provocative as it may be, the Epic Games CEO’s considerations aren’t surprising: He’s been vocal against what he considers to be for years. Abusive and anti-competitive practices in mobile app stores.

Why is Fortnite fighting with Apple and Google?

“Apple must be stopped,” Sweeney said at the Global Mobile Application Justice Conference, which was held on South Korean soil. This was confirmed in line with previous statements The iPhone maker locks millions of users into its store and payment system.

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These words from an Epic representative are added to a file A long dispute between the creator It is an electronic game With Apple and Google. Although the waters have been “boiling” for many years, the conflict escalated in August last year when the survival game was removed from the App Store and Google Play to avoid paying the commission that those store owners are asking for.

That move was a kick to The trial took place in California, in the United States, in which Epic and Apple were at the center of the scene Which his decision wasn’t quite enlightening, as well as judgments that were mostly in favor of the company led by Tim Cook.

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Recently, Sweeney revealed that It is an electronic game It won’t be back on Apple devices anytime soon. The iOS chiefs’ position is consistent: the game will not be available again until all legal remedies have been exhausted.

Sweeney also shot Google

As noted, Apple was not the only recipient of sharp comments from an Epic representative, who also Google called “crazy”. In this context, Sweeney praised South Korea’s policies to crack down on anti-competitive practices.

The CEO said behind

The video game studio leader has long argued that store owners are responsible for inequality in the mobile app space. Prior to this high-profile lawsuit, both Apple and Google required all developers to pay a fee. 30% commission on your winnings. After this conflict became clear, both companies announced changes in their policies but without modification in favor of the big Developers Like Epic.

google reply

A spokesperson for the American company confirmed what they had previously said: That By receiving a commission, they can keep their app and Android store for free.

For its part, Apple made similar arguments when it indicated that with this money it also provides security in its application platform, in addition to giving developers the possibility to appear in a global window.

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In the context of this dispute, Fortnite: Battle Royale It’s available on computers, on consoles and on Android (in this case outside the Play Store), and it can’t be downloaded to Apple devices.