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Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox: “Game Pass is very sustainable right now. And it keeps growing.”

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During the afternoon, we shared two stories related to celebrating 20 years of Xbox, but this day also helped us learn about some of the insights provided by Phil Spencer, the company’s president, as he spoke to the site. Axios.

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In the interview, the first topic that Spencer touched on was 2002’s Xbox Live, stating that “Live gave us a real-time, direct connection with the community of people playing,” noting that he learned from both positive and negative comments from Live, highlighting friendships made by direct users, demonstrating the potential of an online community.

Also called Kinect, is an accessory that was launched for Xbox 360 in 2010 and was also included in a new release with the first Xbox One. It was a device that was Microsoft’s response to requests from parents who have children with different disabilities and who have different disabilities. Kinect, allowed them to start enjoying Xbox video games.

Spencer cited the launch of the Kinect as an achievement that demonstrated Microsoft’s ambition to bring games to a larger and more diverse group of people, in an effort to attract about three billion potential players that the Xbox chief noted were “not a gender, race or gender” out of nothing. An approach that is a far cry from the 2001 initial idea that referred to the “legal example of a teenager who gaped in his basement wearing a headset, insulting the person on the other end of the line.”

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And of course Phill Spencer was referring to the main Xbox service at the moment, Game Pass, which you might know offers over 100 games, including all of Microsoft’s new premium releases on launch day.

“I know there are a lot of people who like to write [que] We’re burning cash now just to get a future amount of gold at the end, but no, Game Pass is very sustainable at the moment. Spencer said.

He also noted the option of being able to stream some games from the Game Pass library to phones through streaming, noting that “at some point in our future, more people will be part of the Xbox community on mobile than any other device…, just because of the nature of How many cell phones are there.”

To end the interview, Spencer said, “I can’t wait another 20 years on Xbox.”

Editorial: the games / Facebook social networking site / Twitter / cover / Instagram / discord