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Grandpa Henrique Marius Kaamaga Columbus Energy

Grandpa Henrique Marius Kaamaga Columbus Energy

Grandfather Henrik and grandson Marius are an inseparable couple, introducing consumers to the world of Columbus Energy’s products and services for a long time. In the final part of the campaign, the heroes tell a fortune from a magic ball together, wanting to see their future. What do they see in it? An energy and economical detached house, thanks to renewable energy devices. In addition, this vision becomes real, in contrast to the option to find a wife for Marius.

Grandpa Henrik and grandson Marius predict the future from a bullet

Promotional activities for the second cycle of the campaign include TV, radio, internet and VOD channels. Ads can be viewed on TVN Group, Polsat and TVP TV channels, as well as on video-on-demand platforms. The campaign also covers the largest radio stations of the RMF Group, EuroZet, Agora, online advertising and PR activities. A custom landing page has also been created.

This is the second edition of the Columbus campaign with Marius Kaamaga. The first one was launched in the winter of last year.

The creative concept and all elements of the campaign, including video production, were prepared by Columbus’ Marketing Department. MediaHub was responsible for planning and purchasing television media.