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The scammers are attacking again.  This wave is gaining strength - O2

The scammers are attacking again. This wave is gaining strength – O2

Fraud using the “on PGE” method is one of the most common activities of cybercriminals. The Poles received messages about the alleged blackout for a long time. The end of the wave of such SMS is not visible at all.

Messages asking for payment. If no one does, they will be denied access to electricity. This is clearly a big scam.

Under no circumstances may you click on a link to a page whose mission is to obtain our data. Scammers deliberately suggest that we only have one day to pay the bill. This way, they want to exercise time pressure – they make sure the victim doesn’t have a lot of time to think.

What happens when I click on a link? We are taken to a specially prepared page. We ‘log in’ to online banking there or provide our payment card details. Of course, everything goes directly into the hands of scammers.

Scam “on PGE”. You can lose all your savings

Unfortunately, as a result, we may completely lose all savings. The “PGE” scam has been around for a long time. Since he is “not dead” yet, it can be concluded that he still brings benefits to those involved in this criminal practice.

CyberRescue reports that such a fraud method was first recorded in 2016. From then on, it comes back like a boomerang.

In recent days we have witnessed an intense campaign of such messages. This is due to the holidays and the nice weather. Many Poles are now resting, and then it is easier to get distracted and get ready to quickly settle outstanding debts – explains Martina Holenka from CyberRescue, whose words were quoted from the portal.

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