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Great anger at the Pope |  Marcus Oscarson

Great anger at the Pope | Marcus Oscarson

Pope Francis’ statement made Ukraine see red.

Last Friday, the pope spoke via link with young Russian Catholics from St Petersburg.

The pope urged young people to remember that they are the “heirs” of former Russian czars such as Peter the Great, a figure inherited by dictator Vladimir Putin. held as an example To justify the Ukrainian invasion.

– Don’t forget who you came from. You are the heirs of great Russia. Pope Francis said Russia of saints and kings and the Great Russian Empire of Peter the Great and Catherine II, which planted so much culture and so much humanity, adding:

– You are the heirs of the great modern Russia. Show the way forward.

The Vatican has posted the letter on its website, but the last paragraph is missing.

This is explained by the fact that Pope Francis improvised the end of the speech.

Ukraine is collapsing

Ukraine responded strongly to Francis’ statement about “Great Russia” and the Russian Empire.

– It is precisely with this imperialist propaganda that the Kremlin justifies the killing of thousands of Ukrainians and the destruction of Ukrainian cities and villages. They talk about “spiritual ties” and the need to “save great Mother Russia,” says Oleg Nikolenko, a spokesman for Ukraine’s foreign ministry, in a live speech on his Facebook page.

Nikolenko describes the pope’s remarks as “extremely unfortunate”.

– The perception of Russia as a great power mainly contributes to Russia’s aggressiveness. These beliefs are expressed by the pope, either unconsciously or consciously.

The Vatican responds

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The Vatican responded to the criticism.

“Francis did not intend to glorify Russian imperialism,” a statement said.

– The Pope’s intention was to encourage young people to preserve and enhance all that is positive in the great Russian cultural and spiritual heritage. The intention was certainly not to glorify imperial logic.

“Fun too”

Russia also commented on the pope’s statement.

– His statements are very satisfactory, the Kremlin confirmed in an official statement.

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