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GTA Trilogy – Ultimate Edition: The title is almost unplayable without this mode

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition was published a few days ago and recently became playable for users on PC. Players on other platforms have already reported that this new reboot unfortunately did not work well.

Plus some frustrating bugs and one not satisfying graphicsHe is above everything Game rain is a common point of criticism. It simply looks very modest and is also…so sticky that you can hardly see anything if it starts to rain. The garage of one of the characters also has a very large hole in the ceiling, This is why it rains here.

The rain in the game has improved a lot

The user of the triple modifier would like to remedy the situation. “GTATrilogyMods” shared a screenshot of it first modification of the protector, who deals with rain. On the left side of the image you can see the rain in its current view-restricted form. The modder version is more subtle, but still clearly visible.

The user recently posted the new edit to a file Patreon side. According to him, he has individual raindrops make it more transparent, Which of course raises the question of why rain doesn’t appear in the game like this by default. This mode is said to be just the beginning of his career as a professional for the new GTA Trilogy.

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The game now also has its own NexusMods صفحة page Which already contains another mod to improve the rain, a complete overhaul of the game sound, and a few other things. We hope, through the hard work of the mod community dedicated to the GTA franchise, that players in the future will be able to play the token they deserve.

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