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Sonic Frontiers introduced in the "early version"?  Journalist defends position against harsh criticism

Sonic Frontiers introduced in the “early version”? Journalist defends position against harsh criticism

Not everyone liked the empty Sonic Frontiers world, so the IGN editorial team decided to hit back. The journalist clarifies that the material provided comes from an early production version and does not represent the final state of the game.

For several days, the IGN editorial team had the opportunity to present new parts of Sonic Frontiers. The first reviews were very positive, but each new game raised more and more concerns about the quality of the title. There were even votes that SEGA should delay the premiere of production as soon as possible and only release it at the end of 2023.

IGN editors reacted to the situation, featuring Sonic Frontiers at IGN World First Series – Mitchell Saltzman (Senior Editor at the Editorial Office) explained that the material was from an “early version of the game”. SEGA was to provide an older build that did not represent the final release of the item.

As the editor mentioned, the game’s open-world assumptions don’t fail:

“Ultimately, my time with this early build answered one question that was on my mind – will Sonic’s unique gameplay translate into an open world? Of course yes.

Mitchell Saltzman confirmed that the title offers an interesting blend of classic and new gameplay. From his point of view, the developers took care of a “very strong link of the game”, Which includes hitting the map, battling bosses, solving puzzles, and obtaining items to finally reach the Line Level and unlock Chaos Emeralds.