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Gwynne: Every member of parliament has been given a very attractive commercial offer.  This is corruption |  Policy

Gwynne: Every member of parliament has been given a very attractive commercial offer. This is corruption | Policy

– I just spoke to one of the deputies who told me that he had received an offer from Prime Minister Morawiecki’s circle that, in exchange for remaining in the Law and Justice Club, he would be able to specify that the local governments in his district would receive funds from the State Fund for Local Initiatives. He said Wednesday afternoon in RMF Jaroslav Gwen.

Anna Kournica also spoke about the fact that the government spokesperson corrupted Covenant politicians on Wednesday morning on a one-for-one programme. – In this case, the agreement must respond to the words of government spokesman Peter Muller, who yesterday tried to spoil the covenant politicians so that today they vote for the lex TVN bill. Kornecka said an act considered, according to the convention, to be a harmful act.

Jaroslav Goyen explained that each member of Parliament received a “very politically attractive” commercial offer, and said, “This is clearly political corruption.” At the same time, he assessed that “Jaroslav Kaczynski will have the majority” in the parliamentary vote on “Lex TVN”. The votes which will affect the adoption of the law shall belong to the members of the Federation.

Only that will be the majority of those who will vote against the interests of Poland, I say this very firmly. Please look at what is happening outside Poland’s eastern borders, such as the aggressive politics in Moscow. If in times like these we are in conflict with Berlin and Brussels and now with Washington, this is a deeply irresponsible foreign policy.

– Jaroslav Guin emphasized.

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Gwen: If there’s an early election, it won’t be before spring

In response to a question about the possibility of the agreement joining the Polish alliance, he said: It is too early to talk about such scenarios. If there is an early election, it will not be before spring. Until then, many things can happen in Polish politics.

– As I know the calculations of President Kaczynski, it is based on the fact that this large tax increase will lead to a certain social transformation towards the social groups that form the backbone of the PiS – added Jaroslav Goyen.

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Government Spokesperson on the Resignation of Jaroslav Gouen (10 August)

Anna Kournica on “Political Poaching”

On Wednesday morning, the MP was asked on TVN if Law and Justice politicians are trying to reach out to the Covenant deputies and lure them to their side. – We have not seen such poaching in the political arena for a long time – declared Anna Kournica. She added that the phenomenon is “extremely dangerous”.

Kournica: Mueller tried to corrupt the politicians of the Covenant

He asked the political journalist whether he had confirmed the information on job offers to members of the MPs’ family. “This information can be verified on the occasion of Mr. Lech Kwakowski or Mrs. (Magorzata) Yanovska,” Kournica said.

– Of course, I did not receive any offers other than my resignation – I summed it up.

The journalist wondered whether the ministers on behalf of Al-Ahed would resign from their positions. “The ministers of state will announce their decisions at the time of their choosing,” she said.

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Resignation of those close to Jaroslav Gawain

The first official to resign was Deputy Minister of National Defense Marcin Ueshiba.

– In connection with the resignation of Jaroslav Guin, I have decided to resign today. I have been appointed to this position by the coalition agreement, so I am resigning today – said the politician.

in a. 11, the two Deputy Ministers of Development, Labor and Technology: Andrei Gott-Mostoy and Iona Michak resigned.

Successive deputy ministers resignedIona Michak and Andre Gott even resigned

Jan Strzyk, deputy chair of the convention, announced that “similar briefings” are expected in the coming hours with the participation of other deputy ministers associated with Gwen. He also confirmed that the sacked deputy prime minister’s party would vote against the “Lex TVN” law.