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‘He looked like a local’, behind the scenes of Nene’s visit to Koh Ivry

Nene went to the pyramids area on Wednesday to take on the challenge of the Ivry niche. The former Paris Saint-Germain player stayed for more than an hour at 91. It’s time to greet the residents and discuss with the youth of the sector. In a very friendly atmosphere.

He arrived with a wide smile accompanied by his wife and a friend. Nene took advantage of his visit to France to make a detour via Evry-Courcouronne on Wednesday afternoon. In the south of the Paris region. Welcomed by the greats of the Al-Ahram district, the Brazilian came to take on the famous challenge of Al-Munawar. Malamin Sissoko, the source of this quickly spreading challenge, explains, “His entourage called us. We obviously said yes. We can’t refuse Nene! Anyway, we’re not rejecting anyone here.”

Before trying his luck, the former PSG and Monaco player, who had a good hour left on the spot, took time to come and say hello to the neighbours. by climbing floors. Mala says, “He came to my parents’ house. Talk to my dad. Human, he’s delirious. He’s really good. He has the joy of living. He was very comfortable. He didn’t make a star at all. He looked like a local who had been living there for twenty years.”

Eight or nine tries before you succeed

Putting on his red sneakers on the steps of the opposite building, midfielder Vasco de Gama (Brazil’s second division), jacket and jeans, set himself in front of the plaza at Place Jules Vallès, which opens onto a rubbish room. Then he measured the difficulty of the challenge. “He told us it wasn’t easy,” Mallamin testifies. From the first hit, he touched the edge. We immediately saw the accuracy of his left paw. We feel he’s a professional player.

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After eight or nine attempts, Nenê finally found the right combination, to send a perfect shot into the top corner. A gesture that the 40-year-old celebrated by jogging with his arms raised between buildings. Before many young people joined them to jump and sing. In most total orgasm. “There was a certain simulation in the neighbourhood. Not every day we receive a former PSG player No. 10. It was a Brazilian show,” laughs Mala, who took care to frame the event with some local alumni. Without a private security service. “We have enough experience to manage it now. It has always gone well. The people here are respectful, and no one is afraid to come to us.”

After the pretend celebration, Nene stayed to exchange and take pictures. The youngest, who had never seen him play before, took the opportunity to discover his biography. Offer money, he, pawns to continue. Through heavy shooting. “I told him: ‘Today, you are. Tomorrow, it’s Neymar.” He laughed, and answered me: “Imagine the world would exist if he came! “.

Another soccer star expected soon

Since it became known, the Evry niche has already seen other football stars, such as Mehdi Benatia, Giannelli Embola, Vitot Mossa and Riccardo Fati. But his co-founder revealed to RMC Sport that another big name is coming soon in 91. “He gave his approval. He’s a player who won the Champions League,” Malamin said with a smile. A big fan of Marseille, he would also like to invite OM players as soon as possible. “I don’t have any contact with them at the moment, he regrets it. But the ultimate dream would be to bring Zidane!”

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baby on evry
Nene in Evry © La lucarne d’Evry

Meanwhile, the “magic window” is attracting more and more curious people every day. Famous last year, he appeared in a France national team clip last spring and, more recently, on Adidas’ website for Lionel Messi’s arrival at Paris Saint-Germain. Among football fans, it almost became a tourist stop. Some even come from afar to direct their strike. “One day, a family came from Marseille, the illustrious Malamén. They went up for a weekend to Paris. They didn’t have much time and the weather was bad, so the father asked his children to choose between the Eiffel Tower and the Eiffel Tower koi Ivry. And they chose to come here!” “