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Mercedes has entered into a controversial collaboration. Now withdraw from it

The collaboration between Mercedes and Kingspan has caused a lot of controversy.

Ahead of the Grand Prix in Saudi Arabia, the Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team presented Kingspan as its new sponsor. The company logo appeared on W12 cars.

Information about cooperation between Mercedes and Kingspan caused a lot of controversy in Great Britain. Kingspan was involved in a fire in an apartment building in London’s Grenfell Tower in June 2017, killing 72 people. Kingspan provided insulating materials to build a skyscraper and its connection to the fire is still under investigation.

Following the announcement of the sponsorship deal, the families of the victims and some British politicians approached the Mercedes car, without hiding their indignation.

It was announced on Wednesday, December 8, 2021 that by mutual agreement between the two parties it was decided to terminate the cooperation:

The Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team and Kingspan have announced that they have mutually agreed to end their collaboration. Under the partnership last week, Kingspan was set to take the lead in a new working group on sustainable development, which aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions through the latest environmentally friendly solutions.

However, the two sides have come to the conclusion that continuation of cooperation is not possible at this stage, despite the intended positive objective, so we have decided to terminate it with immediate effect.

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