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Kamel Stoch was asked if he was cheating on his wife. Soon he denied it. You wouldn’t guess who was so curious

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Every day, Camille Stoch deals with questions from journalists who are curious about his life off the slopes. He mentions his relationship with Ewa Bilan Stoch from time to time on Instagram, but for some, what he writes is definitely not enough. This time, one of the people they met was jumping curious if he was cheating on his wife. The athlete was in great shock.

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Camille Stoch cheating on his wife?

Kamel Stoch won the 4-Hills-Tournament in Innsbruck a year ago. He was then asked how he felt after repeating Adam Meais’ success 20 years ago. Stoch explained that he stood on the podium in 2020. Although the incident of the journalist is reverberated in the media, the athlete, thanks to her, is already ready for surprising questions. This is what he recently got while visiting an elementary school. When he went live on Instagram, fans had a chance to hear an anecdote about his life. One of the students of the visited institution asked him if he was faithful to his wife.

I remember when I was visiting an elementary school and the kids could ask me any questions. Someone raised his hand and said: Are you cheating on your wife? – I confess.

Kamel Stoch admitted it children His honesty surprised him greatly, but it also entertained him. Of course, when answering the question, he denied that he was cheating on his wife.

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