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Magnus Carlsen remains the king of chess

nAfter Magnus Carlsen laid down his fifth chess crown at the Dubai Exhibition Centre, the Norwegian first exploded with force. Apparently relieved, he analyzed the decisive moves with his erratic rival Yan Nepomengachecchi as the corks appeared in his home country.

The 31-year-old made it all clear to his Russian opponent in round 11 of a 14-match max and remained after his victory on Friday, which made him perfect with a fourth win and a 7.5:3.5 eight-year world champion. . He’s become a very strong chess player,” Carlsen’s father Henrik joked: “This is very important for us Norwegians, I’m proud, it’s time to celebrate.” The whole country was cheering in front of the screens. The hero did not disappoint.

On Friday, Nebo, as it is called in the chess world, tried everything again with the white pieces. But the 31-year-old completely blundered again on step 23 and played a completely losing move that deprived him of all chances of winning. As a result, Carlsen put his opponent in order. Nebo defended himself until the 49th move, but then he had to admit defeat without a chance.

Carlsen had already made the initial decision last Friday, in a memorable match record that Nipomnyashi permanently broke. Just after midnight, after 136 moves and about eight hours of play, the Russian gave up. It was the longest World Cup duel in history and it gave Carlsen a lot of wind.

Confused, helpless, helpless: Yan Nepomnyashi was without a chance.

Photo: Environmental Protection Agency

While Carlsen played his trial and didn’t make more mistakes, Nebo often acted in a rush and made unforgivable mistakes at this level. Carlsen won the white and black pieces twice, and all first five games ended in a draw. In addition, Carlsen was able to look forward to a prize money of 1.2 million euros, and Nepomnyashi received 800,000 euros.

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