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Norkic completely panicked with a fan… and goes overboard?!

Not too happy after a fresh hit on the Blazers, Jusuf Nurkic had very questionable behavior after the match. The hub crossed the line with a fan, so much so that the NBA should quickly punish him. It remains to be seen what happened.

Still absent from the courts, like Damien Lillard, Josef Nurkic cannot help the Blazers in this difficult period. Youth are prioritized in this campaign in Oregon, which partly explains Sunday evening’s result. Traveling to Indiana, the Portland C team lost 98-129 to the Pacers.

Lillard? It might be the end of the season for him. We don’t see a good reason to bring him back, because with a record of 26-44, his franchise has nothing to play for. See you at the end of the season, hoping for a big draft. It would be beneficial to recruit a young man, or into a potential trade.

Nurkic’s questionable behavior after the Portland attack

What we are talking about is not the match, but the Norkic incident after the match. A few seconds after the bell was sounded, the axle went close to the fans, more precisely towards the opponent’s fan. He said a few words, before picking up the phone and tossing it a little.

One inevitably wonders what the fan could say to anger Nurkic in this way. On Instagram, a man, or rather the security guard who can be seen in the video according to him, just gave an explanation. If true, then Blazer has drifted too far:

The fan was only talking to him in 4QT, he told Norkic he sucked a few times on the other side of the floor and that was it. He came and did it right after the match!

Questionable behavior by Jusuf Nurkic, who may have gone too far. Protagonists ridicule a lot, and fortunately not everyone reacts in this way. Now we are waiting to know the penalties, because the NBA will not allow it.

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