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Zwer ‘arrogant…’: BVB stars rage over scandal verdict

Zwer “arrogant…”
BVB stars rage over ruling scandal

Borussia Dortmund feel referee Felix Zoer cheated on his chance to win the biggest Bundesliga match against Bayern Munich. BVB’s Judd Bellingham and Erling Haaland found clear words after the match. Meanwhile, the verdict announces itself.

The excitement of the first match was fast in the Bundesliga: a corner kick from the visitors from Munich sailed into the Dortmund penalty area in the 75th minute, and the ball eventually landed on the arm of defender Mats Hummels. Referee Felix Zuer initially allowed the match to continue, then moved to the sidelines after the video assistant signaled and watched the scene for himself. In the end, the table leaders awarded a penalty by hand, which Robert Lewandowski used to score the winning goal.

“I was given a referee who postponed the biggest matches in Germany. What do you expect?” Dortmund midfielder Judd Bellingham said in an interview with Viaplay about the referee from Berlin. Zuer was one of the four Berlin referees who started the football betting scandal of former referee Robert Heuser in 2005 with their statements. But he himself accepted the money and was banned for six months.

The England coach said Bellingham was so upset by the referee’s performance that “many other scenes can be seen in the match again”. “It wasn’t a penalty for me. Hummels doesn’t even look at the ball and is just trying to make his way out of the crowd.” Top scorer Erling Haaland used no less harsh words in an interview with “Viaplay”. “When it came to judgment, it was a scandal.” The controversial scene when team-mate Marco Reus fell in Bayern’s penalty area was not checked by the video assistant, according to the Norwegian: “I asked him why he wasn’t looking at it. He said: ‘It’s not necessary.’ He is arrogant … arrogant, but I don’t want To say more about him now. Then I will get into trouble.”

Rose criticizes – fraud justifies the decisions

In the game, it was Rose who was furious on the edge of the field and then sent to the stands. “I pointed out relatively emotionally that he wasn’t right in several situations. And then you get yellow and red at the end. That’s stupid,” the league coach said.

Zuer later justified his decision. Arm position checked. The video referee evaluated himself and said: ‘Hummels extended his arm away from the body in an abnormal arm position. “Then I looked at it on the screen and came to the conclusion that it was criminal handball.”

The referee also justified his decision not to award a penalty when Lucas Hernandez saved Marco Reus: “We all (…) always demand a strong duel. We have to let matches go. Even at high speeds, contact can happen in the part area,” said Zuer. The upper body for me is a state that is neither black nor white. I made a conscious decision against a penalty because of my generous streak.”

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