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Lens 1: 1 PSG [REALCJA]

The last action in the game. Leo Messi approached the free kick 20 meters from the goal of Lens. His tuft of grass, the perfect position for grabbing the ball with his left foot and hitting the window. All eyes are on the new Ballon d’Or winner. In front of him: on the left – a wall erected by PSG players, on the right – a wall erected by lens players. The goal: a goal worth winning – many of them the Argentine has already scored in his career. Effect: miss blow, frown, final whistle, tie. A good number for Lens was cut by PSG in northern France. Even then Mauricio Pochettino can say the same, because the Parisians took a point after the reserve match in overtime and should be happy with such a course of events.

Dumb thing, but Leonardo and Nasser Al-Khelaifi must see the project called “Let’s Create a Huge Team Directly from Football Manager” as suffering from severe pain. Inconsistent, erratic, unbalanced, cartoonish, brutal, it’s a team. In defense – eight men work, and three men look at it negatively. In attack – three men are supposed to do wonders for half of the opponent, and the remaining eight are stupid for half of the opponent. This is not what a championship team looks like. For now, PSG is no stronger than the league’s lens, which – not to mention it’s a Ligue 1 sensation this season – has much lower odds at every level.

Lens- PSG. A joke and the company of Frankowski

The lens fired eighteen shots, and Paris Saint-Germain fired thirteen. The lens fired a seven at the target, and PSG fired a six at the target. Is this a surprising statistic? A little like that, but neither gram of falsehood nor gram of misrepresentation in it. Frank Hayes’ team, although unlikely to catch the ball, offered a more football specific idea. Keylor Navas has done two and three:

  • Fofan’s shot saved from distance,
  • I handled a better attempt by Kloss,
  • Rebound – it seems premature – the blow of Kalimundo,
  • Doukuri’s shot was saved,
  • He moved the center shot over the bar (after a rebound, but still: Glory to Polish coaching abroad!) for Frankowski,
  • He was lucky in the position of da Costa when the ball hit him directly in his hand,
  • Frankowski’s shot spat after Lens counterattacked.
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Let’s not just praise Navas: he missed the goal. A goalkeeper of this class is not allowed to shoot like that of Sekou Fovan from a distance. Sure, it was a powerful, gentle, spinning shot, but the PSG goalkeeper’s interference – undoubtedly fatal. PSG started to panic after that, but it wasn’t a random target at all. This means that the lens was dominant.

By the way, you can see for yourself: Frankovsky was very active. Time and time again he got into duels with Hakimi, he even netted him! Nice in its own way: wonderful. However, Frankowski is a man – let’s put it this way – we don’t always like the colors of the Polish national team, and for several months in the French league he was a really great figure. And you can laugh at this joke that “Frankowski is better than Messi, because the Pole has better stats than him this season in Ligue 1”, but no: we were dealing here with a direct clash and everything – half a joke, half seriously – was confirmed.

Lens- PSG. The end of Paris Saint-Germain

But it ended in a draw anyway, because PSG wouldn’t give up on the matter. Long moments it was awful, boring, shallow and predictable, but from time to time it would accelerate and then Lens was hard to see. Messi’s dribbling could have scored and assisted in the first half, but he hit the post first, then Icardi missed a cross pass. Leandro Paredes can also achieve great success. Angel Di Maria missed good chances. You also have to give yours to Jean-Louis Lecy, who has shown extraordinary reflection many times.

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But how many clubs in the world can afford to let the duo Georginio Wijnaldum-Kylian Mbappe onto the pitch. And don’t let the Dutchman’s past few years at Liverpool fool you. Anyone who has watched at least a few games of the orange national team knows that Wijnaldum can be an attacking beast. This time, after a brilliant cross by Mbappe (he could have entered the scorers’ list a few minutes earlier, but he dribbled past Jean-Louis Lake), he scored a goal equal to the equalizer. Then Messi’s free kick, but… We won’t repeat this story.

It was an evening of little pranks in northern France. And it looks like they’re smiling a little wider in Lens.

Lens 1: 1 PSG

Fovana 62 – Wijnaldum 90 + 2

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