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“He’d be someone they’d listen to in another 100 years.”

Today marks the 80th anniversary of a humble man with a history from folk to the Nobel Prize in Literature. A man with an unparalleled amount of adventure and followers: Bob Dylan.

As a result, we spoke with Ciudadano ADN Journalist and music producer Tabari KottoAnd the Who confirmed that “I think after the anniversary, it’s important to highlight the scale of Dylan’s work.”

“He is the most relevant. He is a very elusive man with more than 50 years of work with many wonderful and fallen feats.” He reassured the expert, who also benefited from the mention of the paradoxical quality that made him an even more adorable character.

“He is a man who can record a song that marks the end of his career, as he reviews with a song the history of his country, The next day, he went to Jimmy Fallon Show to promote his whiskey brand, “Heaven’s Door”, Koto commented.

When the guest was asked How can a young man enter the wide career of this famous famous singer, The journalist explained this First you have to think the important thing is to have time to listen. You don’t have to try to understand that, but you have to let go. “

I used to start with ‘Highway 61’ and ‘Bring everything home.’ One day a friend asked me for a cylinder and he loaned Interstate 61 and said, for example, “It was fine, but very noisy.” I would like to tell young people that he is someone who can surprise them with his attitude and musical character, but first of all, you have to give him time. “ pointed out.

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“As time goes on, he will be by McCartney and Lennon. He’ll be someone they’ll listen to in 100 years, “ Sentenced to journalist and music producer.

You can listen to the full interview with the attached audio.