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His shot hits the ground and then goes up: Thiago Alcantara’s stunning goal for Liverpool defies gravity

I’m not sure that a more efficient kitchen mixer is capable of such a whipping effect. On Wednesday evening at Anfield, the soccer player defied gravity. We were playing in the 52nd minute in this temple of the match, Liverpool conceded a draw against FC Porto, when Thiago Alcantara, a brilliant midfielder often injured, scored a superb goal.

The Spanish international (30) beat the rival goalkeeper with an amazing shot in a match that ended in a 4-0 victory. He retreated 35 meters from the goal with a free kick of his own, and Alcantara watched the ball return to him. He turns and takes his chance off the right foot. Continuity: A rocket starts descending towards the ground to graze a few pieces of grass before going up a bit to find the opposite small net.

Several times necessary to admire all the work given to this well-deserved strike by local legend Steven Gerrard. In general, a rolled ball refers to a hit that gains height before it descends toward the tire. Here, it’s quite the opposite. A rare inspiration, somewhat similar to that of Roberto Carlos during it His famous polished free kick against France in 1997.

“Even with this technology, it can’t happen consistently.”

Like Reds defenders Konate and Matip, there are many in the stands who have had to put their hands to their heads to make sure they just saw what they just saw.

“It’s just a fantastic goal, of course,” said Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp. “I see Thiago in training, I know he has the technique to do it but even with this technique, it can’t always happen.” Not constantly but as often as possible, we hope.

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