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Hogwarts Legacy - is the first game.  Magician fight and visit to the school of magic •

Hogwarts Legacy – is the first game. Magician fight and visit to the school of magic •

As announced, studio Avalanche Software provided its first look at Hogwarts Legacy during State of Play. The developers told all the most important aspects of production – but the release date was not specified.

The player takes on the role of a self-made wizard or sorceress and joins the Wizarding School of Hogwarts for the fifth year of study. The student has the ability to control ancient forgotten magic that not even masters can control.

The main objective of the story is to stop the growing goblin rebellionwho, by working with witches, threaten not only Hogwarts, but the entire magical world.

The perpetrators of the dress

After arriving at school, the new student, in accordance with the school’s long-term rules, shall, One of the four houses will be allocated by Sorting Hat. It is not clear whether the player had an influence on the decision, but it can be expected that the developers did not leave such an important issue to chance.

The activities mentioned in the gameplay are spells and magic, defense against dark arts, herbs, and potion brewing, but there will be more. During the lesson, we will face other magicians in one-on-one duels.

Between lessons, you can freely visit Hogwarts and discover dungeons or secret passages for example. There were also mysteries hidden in the recesses of the School of Magic.

Hogwartslegacy 8
I would like to Zellarstoy

Battle is definitely an arcade game. The hero or heroine can attack quickly, reverse enemies’ spells, and even dodge. He also uses his special abilities, as well as potions or mandrels that stun enemies.

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The developers designed not only Hogwarts itself, but also the surrounding areas – including the village of Hogsmeade, where we can find many shops. The world can be explored on foot and on a flying broomstick.

Of course, the game cannot lack character development. The player unlocks talents and skills that – as promised by the creators – allow you to create your own playing style. The gameplay reveals that you can sneak while hiding your character with a magical camouflage.

Hogwartslegacy 6
Talent Points are ready to be spent

Hogwarts Legacy also offers a companion system. When we become friends with a selected female student or student, she will accompany us on our adventures. It is said that each companion has his own story to discover.

An absolutely amazing element is the ability to create and personalize your own corner, a kind of “starting point”. The player will have access to the building and environment editor.

Hogwartslegacy 5
Magician Sims?

Let’s remember that in Hogwarts Legacy we will not meet Harry Potter, Ron or Hermione – the events take place in the nineteenth century, long before the adventures of writers and films of a lightning-scarred wizard.

The game will debut in 2022 – not only on PlayStation, but also on Xbox and PC.