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Holstein Keil: First no luck, then bad luck | – Sports

Status: 08/14/2021 3:19 PM

Holstein Kiel does not enter the second division. She also lost the third game of the season. At 0:3 (0:2) on Saturday against Jan Regensburg there was a lot of bad luck again.

by Johannes Freitag

The German national team now occupies the last place in the table without goals or points, while its rival Regensburg, with 8-0 goals and nine points in first place, is the surprise of the season so far. On Friday (6.30 pm) Holstein Kiel will go to Fortuna Dusseldorf.

Reiss only hits the crossbar, Regensburg twice in the goal

Ten minutes later, KSV fans among the 3,700 spectators were screaming at the goal, but Fabian Reis’ header only touched the crossbar. Even after that, the hosts were the better team, showed elegant attacking football – and still lag behind: after a beautiful combination, Max Pesushko had the freedom to kick the penalty and scored 1-0 for the visitors (20).

Although Kiel’s side soon had a chance to equalise – Fin Bartels failed from a tight angle (26) – “Störchen” managed less and less to assert themselves against the quiet Regensburg. Shortly before the break, there was another cold shower for Kiel: Benedict Gember sent a corner kick to 2-0 for Jan (40).

unhappy basket twice

KSV coach Uli Werner responded with three personnel changes at the break – and one of the substitutes immediately had a good idea: Alexander Mohling passed with the skill of Philipp Sander, but he did not pass the ball past Regensburg goalkeeper Alexander Mayer (47th place).

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This would have been the perfect time to change the tide of the game, but instead, the guests struck again. Reiss lost the ball on the touchline, and Konrad Faber returned the next cross to Jember, whose 15-yard shot hit Julian Korb – 0:3 (58). The unlucky raven scored a goal a little later on the other side, but had had the ball in hand before that (60th place).

Despite the obvious remains, the “stork” in no way caught up, but the sovereign Regensburgers hardly allowed anything. Bartels (80) and Joshua Mays (88) have given good chances for a consolation goal, so the Killers have to wait for their first goal of the season in the league.

Round 3, 08/14/2021 at 1:30pm

Holstein Kiel





  • 0:3

    J Corp (58th place, own goal)

Holstein Kiel:
Gilius-Neumann (46 J.Corp), Wahl, Thisker, Van den Berg-Eras-Sander (73 Borath), Skrzybski (46 Mulling)-Bartels, Arp (46 Friedjohnson), Reis (62 Mays)

Mayer – Faber, S. Breitkreuz (89 Nachreiner), Kennedy, Wekesser – Beste (89 Makridis), Gimber, Besuschkow (66th Boukhalfa), Singh (80th George) – Otto (89 Zwarts), Albers


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