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There are no clear sanctions: Russia is provoking with Olympic clothes

There are no recognized penalties
Russia provokes Olympic clothes

The Russian national team competes in the Olympic Games as the “Russian Olympic Committee”, and the flag and national anthem have been banned due to massive manipulation. However, the team’s official apparatus does not show that there are sanctions.

It is clear that Russian patriotic colors can be identified, and in some places the provocative word “Russia” is also displayed – it seems that the consequences of the ruling of the Court of Sport Arbitration were very few in Moscow when Russia was wearing the uniform of its Olympic team at the Tokyo Games (July 23-8 August ) To the public.

In a spectacular fashion show in front of dozens of spectators – without gaps or masks – the Russian flag was waved and the national anthem was sung at the end of the show. The gigantic empire in Tokyo would have to do without these two elements. Due to the doping scandal, the upcoming two Olympic and Paralympic Games, World Championships under the Russian flag and Russian anthem are not allowed.

Athletes will compete in Tokyo under the “ROC” acronym for “Russian Olympic Committee”, and as usual, it is prohibited to start with “Russia.” The emblem on the uniform is the emblem of the Republic of China, not the national coat of arms. The President of the Republic of China, Stanislav Posdnyakov, was in no way sad. The four-time Olympic fencing champion said, “The national flag is an important driver of our sports victories and unfortunately we cannot use it. But even without much imagination it is possible to recognize the national flag through the colors shown.”

In coordination with the supplier and the International Olympic Committee, “the current set has been approved and is in line with the ruling of the Court of Arbitration for Sport.” The ruling of the International Sports Court is valid until December 16, 2022. Russian Sports Minister Oleg Matisen declared: “We have the ambition to prove once again that our country is a great sporting power. I wish everyone every success.”

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