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Rugby: Perpignan logically wins in Beziers 19-14

Peprignan logically won in Beziers Thursday evening at Raoul Barrier Stadium. The Catalans, dominating with a renewed team, had long since faltered in an iron defense. Biterrois took the lead until the 72nd minute, but they cracked in the end and left with a defensive bonus. The United States of America is officially in the semi-finals.

The American Football Association presented itself Thursday evening at the Raul Barrier Stadium with a renewed and reconstituted team. The Catalans, who were on their way to qualifying directly to the semi-finals, wanted to do away with the insult of the first leg as Bezier would have won at home. On their part, the Biterrois had little to lose or gain. But the derby remains a derby, and ASBH may be the only team in the tournament to have defeated Blood and Gold twice.

Hostilities were on fire from the start, Madigan was forced out due to bleeding and Jelly received a yellow card for a brawl in Best’s throat.e). Both teams showed goodwill. Monela was not on his support in the kick and Fernandez opened the scoring against the posts (0-3, 7).e). Plazy broke through the defense, well supported by Barrere to finally recover the ball and level it behind the line (7-3, 9e). Madigan returned after receiving treatment (7-3, 11e). Youth Bezier’s wonderful second attempt, when Xenon was mobilized and a cross pass with Espot, who was spinning in the net (14-3, 16)e). As soon as the USAP accelerated, it damaged Bezier’s defense. Esteriola was not out of disagreement, and Farno preferred to play the penalty ball over the attempted penalty kick. The Catalans insisted and pushed Biterrois to make the mistake. She stood still and Latorre cleared his camp (14-3, 25e). The Languedocian team dominated the ball but was thought to have worked to box the ball in defense because it was the third time they had regained the bulge at this point in the game (14-3, 31e). Thanks to perseverance, Raynaud found the error along the line to make an offering to Pujol who could go quietly to the Promised Land (14-10, 24e). All the balls were played by hand and the game was very fun. But the dynamic was on the side of the Catalans. Bezier was content with the defense and did it well (14-10, 39e). The last word was Fernandez, who passed a penalty kick to the century (14-13, 40)e).

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Bezer’s defense surrendered at the end of the match

Beziers started the second half better by alternating his playing style, and unfortunately the invasion did not follow through. She lost another ball when it was 10 meters away from inside the goal (14-13, 49e). Another long gameplay sequence of Peprignanais. Bezier was offside, but Fernandez’s kick was too short (14-13, 53e). Ruscelone’s team is always very dominant, they tried everything to lead the score. The playing times were absolutely stunning but Hérault’s defense did not allow his opponents to breathe. Will biterrois hold up? (14-13, 57e). ASBH lost the fifth touch when it managed to clear itself over 50 meters. She again suffered the charges of the opponents (14-13, 60e). And they did it again! While they had fought to recover the ball in a brawl, the ball was still missing in touch (14-13, 63e). Bezier was heroic in defense. On another penalty kick and carrying a balloon, his best snatch inflated 5 meters off her list (14-13, 70e). Scrum was punished by the locals. Ecochard’s corner did not miss the goal (14-16, 72e). Zenon treated Farnoux very high and took a red cation (14-16, 73e). Fernandez gave his team more air (14-19, 77e). Languedocian had one last cartridge to play in the 40m Perpignan. Bachillier received a yellow card and Bezier received another penalty kick (14-19, 79e). But the striker was committed, and in the picks the NFL sent the ball to touch. Logically, the Catalans won over Petroise.

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