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Schumacher vs Mazepin: The most brutal duel that ever happened in 19th place

Schumacher vs Mazepin
The most brutal duel ever is in 19th place

Nikita Mazepin mixes Formula 1. Not with strong performances, but with brutal and extremely dangerous maneuvers. His favorite opponent on the track is stable rival Mick Schumacher. He is deeply disturbed by the behavior of the Russian. Fencing is a problem for the team.

Only the best three are allowed on the platform. There are points in Formula 1 for the top ten. In Haas, you’re so far from it all, Mick Schumacher is completing his first season in the slowest race car down the field – and he still has to fight hard. Because the first class is amazed at what might be the fiercest duel ever in 19th place. Schumacher vs. Nikita Mazepin, both are 22 years old – or also: Haas vs. Haas. The two now collided again and again on the track, and the world record champion’s son became increasingly publicly angry about the Russian’s pace.

“Obviously he realized he wanted to land in front of me at all costs, which is basically a good thing,” Schumacher says. “But if you defend aggressively against one of your teammates, even though there’s nothing to win, then maybe that’s not the right approach after all. Thing “. Something happened again on Sunday in Zandvoort. Shortly after the start of the race, Schumacher sucked himself into Mazepin in the slope, started to overtake the house straight and would have passed quite easily – if Mazepin hadn’t suddenly turned the wheel.

Schumacher almost veered into the pit lane at 300 kilometers per hour, and his front wing was damaged, “He destroyed my driver,” the German later said. Memories also awoke from the race in Baku, where Mazepin behaved similarly at a point faster – a health hazard, mind you, in the backyard battle. Team Leader Gunther Steiner is called to moderation in this duel about week after week, and it’s getting more and more difficult for him.

Mazepin has a different view of things

Of course, Mazepin has a different perception of the situation, maneuvering in Zandvoort was “difficult”, “but that is how it should be”. He himself was also upset in detail by Schumacher’s action in qualifying, and the team’s rival is said to have taken the agreed right of way from him. It’s complicated for Steiner. This season is a transitional year for Haas, and new rules will apply from 2022, with a vastly improved car that you’ll want to attack next. In fact, according to the plan, the two rookies should gather some experience this year. Instead, the team’s constellation threatens to escalate before joint work can actually begin.

Schumacher is clearly the more talented of the two, in qualifying duels and the race it is 11:2 for him. But Mazepin also plays an important role: his father Dmitriy Mazepin and his company are the main sponsor of the team. So Steiner appeases. Some incidents are ‘normal with such young people’, and there is no such thing as ‘the one to blame’. In any case, he would prefer such a problem “this year rather than next”. Better at the end of the field than in the middle. However, there are already more than enough spectators.

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