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Qatar confirms sponsorship request with German Football Association

Qatar Airways

The airline does not want Qatar to negotiate a partnership with the German Football Association.

(Photo: dpa)

Berlin, Doha The alleged connection between Qatar Airways and the German Football Association has become more and more mysterious. The Qatari ambassador to Germany, Abdullah bin Mohammed Al Thani, announced on Friday that there are no “negotiations or discussions” between the official airline of the State of Qatar, which is hosting the World Cup, and the Federation.

“Qatar Airways has been contacted by the German Football Association with such a request” – the opposite has been heard from the German Football Association circuits

Last week, the Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper published Supposed conversation start reportedThe German Confederation has not issued a statement in this regard. The denials from Qatar “contrary to the press coverage” are now clear: “Qatar Airways is not currently considering entering into negotiations.” The contact request from the German Football Association “has not been answered to this day”. The association also did not want to comment on Friday.

According to the information of the German news agency (dpa), the reports have caused a sensation within the presidency of the German Football Association. From the circles of the German Football Association, he heard that the airline had contacted the association. Until now, the German airline Lufthansa has been an official partner of the German Football Association. But according to dpa information, the DFB Presidium took a decision last week to terminate the contract as early as December 31. The airline partner is of great importance to the German Football Association – and brings in a lot of money.

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Negotiations with Qatar Airways will be complicated regarding sports policy in the current situation. This has been illustrated by highly critical statements of federal policy in the past few days. “The German Federation is shooting itself if it can be financed by Qatar Airways,” Paul Zimyak, general secretary of the Christian Democratic Union, told Bild newspaper.

Qatar rejects human rights allegations

The Emirate of Qatar has been criticized again in recent months due to the human rights situation in the country. The German national team also participated in protests during the first qualifying stage at the end of March. The emirate’s government has repeatedly and openly rejected the allegations, while Qatari government member Thamer Al-Thani recently noted “significant progress” in the country in an interview with the German news agency.

Ambassador Abdullah Mohammed Al-Thani emphasized on Friday: “The debate that is taking place now in Germany is noted with astonishment, because it is based on incorrect facts.” Qatar Airways is a “reliable airline that also operates exceptionally well in situations such as the outbreak. The 2020 coronavirus pandemic has brought German citizens home from many parts of the world.”

In sports and especially in football, Qatar Airways has been a global sponsor for years. Critics of the emirate accuse the so-called “sports washing” – improving its image with the help of engaging in sports. Among other things, the state-owned company in the emirate is the official partner of the FIFA World Federation as well as FC Bayern Munich.

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