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Maja Włoszczowska experienced drama. I heard a shocking diagnosis, it could be the end of it

Author: Cyfra Sport
Maya Włoszczowska

Maja Włoszczowska is one of the medal chances for the Polish national team during the Olympic Games in Tokyo. The cyclist, who won two silver discs during the Olympics in Beijing and Rio de Janeiro, said the performance in the Japanese capital was the last for her in an exceptionally rich career. Hardly anyone knows, but a few years ago the athlete faced big problems that could end her athletic path. All because of the shocking diagnosis on the part of the doctors.

Maja Włoszczowska went down in history as one of the best cyclists in Polish history. The star has two Olympic rings to his credit and loves to compete for the last medal during the Olympic Games in Tokyo. Hardly anyone knows, but the cycling career could have ended in 2010, when I heard the tragic news from the doctors. The diagnosis was harsh.

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Maja Włoszczowska ran into big problems. The doctors’ diagnosis was terrifying

In 2010, the media reported that Maja Voszczowska had to go to the hospital due to her health problems. The paramedics’ prognosis was very poor – Włoszczowska was allergic to pollen, a major nuisance to every cyclist. As if this were not enough, it turned out that Włoszczowska had a serious food allergy and had to limit meat and flour products, which, given her diet at the time, was very stressful. Many specialists did not predict Włoszczowska’s long career and said that she would have to end her adventure in sports. However, Włoszczowska herself believed that the media reports were completely exaggerated.

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– My sensitivity is not a problem (…) The media has overshadowed the issue of my sensitivity. in another meaning. The problem was actually small and the aura got bigger. I have an appointment for further tests, I can and should take care of it, and so far the doctors are saying different things. – Włoszczowska said in 2010 in an interview with Gazeta Wrocławska.

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Maja Włoszczowska overcame her health problems

Fortunately, the doctors’ early assumptions were far from the truth, and Włoszczowska could continue her career and proudly represent Poland during cycling’s most important event. The star managed to win a few medals and make mountain biking history permanently. I hope to start her last career, racing in the Tokyo Olympics