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Horizon Forbidden West will run on PS5 at 60 frames per second.  Lots of new information about the game •

Horizon Forbidden West will run on PS5 at 60 frames per second. Lots of new information about the game •

Improve climbing, fight humans, and more.

  • Horizon Forbidden West authors have provided a number of new details about the game
  • The game mode will appear 60fps on PS5
  • Improved climbing in plans

One of the developers of Horizon Forbidden West gave several interviews in which they revealed a lot of new information about the game. It turns out that the PS5 will have the option to play at 60 frames per second.

Project Director – Mathijs de Jonge – in an interview with Singapore News Live announceThe PlayStation 5 version will offer two graphics modes. The first will allow you to play at 4K resolution and 30 frames per second, and the second will allow you to play at 60 frames per second. However, it is not clear what decision the title will achieve in the latter variant.

The creators have improved the fight against people

And in an interview with Game Informer magazine, the creator he moved The question of the differences between the PS5 and PS4 versions. The newer console uses a different water display technology, making it more detailed. Additionally, the glow around Aloy on the older device, known from the last view, will only be visible during cuts.

Human-controlled machines will appear in the game

But that’s not all, because the developer revealed that a large part of the production is already taking place on PlayStation 4, where the title is also being tested. Only he promised that?? The five?? The item will introduce a number of additional improvements.

In an interview with the hardware area announce In turn, Horizon Forbidden West will use ray tracing, which is real-time ray tracing technology. The authors use the solution in different areas – graphics, physics, sound.

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In an interview with IGN I showed And that the climbing system has improved. Unlike the first part, the sequel will allow you to stick to almost any element of the environment. The visible scanner in the presentation doesn’t indicate where to grab, and it’s easier to navigate in less lit areas.

The game world is a little larger than in the previous version, but it is also filled with activities much more intensely. The sites are divided into three types: areas inhabited by humans, dominated by mechanical dinosaurs and the remains of an ancient civilization. In addition to flooded areas.

Improved human combat, which is now more tactical. Human enemies wear armor, the elements of which are destroyed during combat, which will reveal the opponent’s weaknesses. Compiled plans and redesigned skill tree. There will also be options to upgrade the equipment on the workbenches located during the adventure.

De Jonge also confirmed that the game will use DualSense controller features and 3D audio. Horizon Forbidden West is likely to appear this year on PS5 and PS4.