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Touch ID at the bottom of the screen has been deleted for 2021

Touch ID at the bottom of the screen has been deleted for 2021

Apple really wanted to reintroduce Touch ID with the upcoming iPhone, let’s call it the iPhone 12S Pro. However, not like the iPad Air’s power button, the plan was to have a fingerprint sensor under the screen (as is the case with Android models).

Apple won’t offer Touch ID after all

We’ve already heard from the very reliable Ming-Chi Kuo that this isn’t going to happen this year after all. Mark Gorman of Bloomberg has now also agreed with this statement – Apple will not offer Touch ID.


This functionality was planned for a while for the iPhone 12S Pro (only for Pro models), but was canceled a few weeks ago. Mark Gurman doesn’t give any reasons, but there are probably three different options at Apple.

Either the functionality has been completely discontinued and the focus is now entirely on Face ID again, which should also move below the screen at some point, or it has been delayed because there are still problems, or it has been delayed because Apple prefers the functionality for the 2022 iPhone that it wants to ‘cancel’ .

In any case, the pandemic has shown that the return of Touch ID would be welcome. I no longer care because my iPhone unlocks through the Apple Watch when I’m wearing a mask, but not everyone has an Apple Watch, so Touch ID under the screen would be a lot of fun.

Let’s see if the job will be introduced in 2022.

Apple is focusing on the camera for the upcoming iPhone

Apple iPhone 12 Pro head

In about a month, the new iPhone may already be official or if not, the event will be known for sure. In line with this, Bloomberg’s Mark Gorman provided some new details about the iPhone today. Camera…10. August 2021 Read now →


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