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Mac Mini with M1X chip and new design expected in the fall

Mac Mini with M1X chip and new design expected in the fall

Apple is preparing to launch a new Mac Mini. The next compact desktop model will come with the M1X chip and a new design.

In the second half of the year, Apple will introduce a bunch of new products. In addition to the completely redesigned 14- and 16-inch iPhone 13, Apple Watch Series 7 and Macbook Pro models, there will also be a revised Mac Mini with massive performance.

Mac Mini: A new model with a more compact design and more ports

As with Bloomberg reporter Mark Gorman, who is known for his good relations with Apple, in the latest issue of his “Power On” newsletter (via Macrumors) He writes, the company will be rolling out a new high-end Mac mini in the next few months. The upcoming device will have a new design with additional connections and can be introduced at the same time as the expected new Macbook Pro models.

This is what the new Mac Mini (2021) could look like. (Photo. John Prosser; Renders by Ian)

The first details about the new Mac Mini were already circulated in May. At the time, leaker John Prosser demonstrated renderings of the upcoming compact desktop computer, suggesting a more compact chassis. Additionally, the upcoming Mac Mini is said to have four ports instead of the previous two USB-C ports. In addition, USB Type-A, HDMI, and Ethernet (RJ45) port connections should be preserved.

As with the iMac 24 (test) presented in April, a magnetic connection to the power supply must be installed. The new Mac Mini should also have a plexiglass panel on top attached to the aluminum casing.

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This is what the new Mac Mini (2021) could look like. (Photo. John Prosser; Renders by Ian)

Mac Mini may have a fast M1X chip

Under the hood, the upcoming Mac Mini will receive the same new M1X chip that Apple plans for its higher-end Macbook Pro models. Unlike the M1 chips, which each have four high-performance energy-saving cores and up to eight graphics cores, Apple’s new silicon processors should have eight high-performance cores, two energy-saving cores, and depending on the version, 16 or 32 graphics cores on the Board.

According to Gurman’s information, an updated neural engine for machine learning tasks is also installed. Additionally, the chips will support 32 or up to 64GB of RAM, compared to a maximum of 16GB of RAM on the current M1.

According to Gorman, the model introduced last year with the M1 chip can be used for simpler tasks such as video streaming. Many users also use the Mac Mini for software development, as a server or for video editing. With the high-end model of the compact computer, Apple is likely to target this customer group and replace the Intel Mac Mini still on offer.

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