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How can the digital set be retrieved?

How can the digital set be retrieved?

The Spanish government created the Kit Digital program with the aim of accelerating the integration of digital technologies into small and medium-sized businesses, as well as self-employed people from any sector of the economy. This serves as an incentive for interested parties to reach for digital solutions, without the hindrance that it represents. It has a very tight budget.

To facilitate the application process, digitalization agents or companies licensed by the government have been set up to provide the technology services needed by small and medium businesses and the self-employed to access this feature. in this way, Magnes Factory It stands out for being a company that specializes in promoting the digital transformation of any business. In addition, as a duly authorized state-sanctioned digitization agent, it possesses the knowledge and personnel necessary to achieve digital set recovery up to 12,000 euros.

Digital Kit coupon redemption process

First, the applicant company must be registered in the region for Acelera Pyme and complete a self-diagnostic form. Next, add the digital solutions you need for your company that are included in the catalog that is part of the program. In addition, you must have With the services of the digitization agent responsible for the procedures in front of the corresponding body.

Services that Digital Kit can cover to facilitate business digital transformation include website creation, online presence, e-commerce, social media management, customer management, business intelligence and analytics. In addition to managing operations, electronic billing, virtual office services and tools, secure communications, and cybersecurity.

Each of these categories has an amount of money allocated, out of the total funds generated for this project.

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Magnes Factory and Digital Kit

The digital group arose as an initiative of the Spanish government, with European funds, aimed at modernizing small and medium-sized businesses, including the self-employed. To develop this project, all solutions must be implemented by digital companies approved by the responsible government institution. These are known as digitization factors, from They are responsible for representing the beneficiary throughout the process of obtaining the digital voucher.

The Magnes Factory provides all the services needed for this scholarship. During the implementation plan that they implement with clients, they ensure that the chosen solution is developed in the first three months of management and Pay the first bill by the competent authority.

Within one year, the agreed contract must have been executed and completed, and justification for this must be provided. In addition, this is compensated by the beneficiary to be able to pay the second payment to the digitization agent, thus ending the digital transformation project.