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Poland is the first country to offer Visa Mobile payments!

Poland is the first country to offer Visa Mobile payments!

Visa Mobile is a completely new payment standard in Poland (and in the world), at the same time competing with the famous Blik. From now on, they will be the first customers of Nest Bank.

Poland is the first country you just arrived at Mobile Visa, any new, competitive, among others for Blik, payment method. First of all, the service was launched for customers Nest Bank From Monday, May 16, all bank customers can use it.

Visa Mobile Payments simplifies the process of using a payment card – you no longer need to enter your card details in a time-consuming manner. The whole process will now take a few seconds.

Foot. Mobile Visa

How to use Visa Mobile?

To register for the Visa Mobile service, log into the bank’s application and select the CARDS tab in the main menu. then select “Add a card to Visa Mobileand confirm your details.

A one-time code will be sent to our e-mail address, which must be entered into the application, and then confirm the addition of the card to Visa Mobile by entering the mobile password. More importantly, a standalone application for Visa Mobile is also available for those interested.

Foot.  Mobile Visa

Foot. Mobile Visa

A payment service provider that supports Visa Mobile is a popular service Transfers 24 – Allows users to benefit from payments in thousands of Polish online stores.

The payment itself is also fast – all you have to do is select the Visa Mobile option in the store and provide a phone number, then confirm the purchase with a password in the app. So the whole process will take less than a minute.

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