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How much is Techland worth?  Unofficial quote appeared

How much is Techland worth? Unofficial quote appeared

How Describes ‘PB”, The advance payment for Techland’s dividend will begin on July 26. It will amount to PLN 312 million, which will go to the company’s owner and founder, as well as the president, Bawi Marchuka.

How much is Techland worth? Informal evaluation of the company

According to the “PB”, this advance payment of the dividend means that Techland expects a profit of more than 624 million PLN this year.. Such a good result is the fallout from the premiere of Dying Light 2, which players all over the world have been waiting for. In just one month, 5 million copies of the game were sold.

Furthermore, these amounts allow for an unofficial valuation of Techland, a previously closely guarded secret. As indicated in the “PB”, with a redemption of 15 million shares for 900 million PLN, one share is valued at PLN 60. “Assuming the number of shares in the company is 175.94 million, the implied valuation of Techland is PLN 10.56 billion” – Refers to “PB”. The evaluation is the same as in the other recovery variables.

Let us remind you that Bowie Marchowa, founder and owner of Techland, is one of the richest Poles. It ranks ninth in the Forbes list, with assets of 4.1 billion PLN.

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