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Windows: Find out the trick to see hidden files and folders on your PC |  Spain |  Mexico |  Colombia |  technology

Windows: Find out the trick to see hidden files and folders on your PC | Spain | Mexico | Colombia | technology

Microsoft Windows It has been with us since 1985, but not all users are completely familiar with this operating system. From version 10 onwards we can activate the option to see those hidden files which are often like this for the sake of security.

Hidden files or folders They are set this way by Windows to prevent users who don’t know what they’re doing from causing problems. However, more often than not, you will need to access it to make changes to a file computer Or access files from other programs.

No matter what type of computer you have, If you are using Windows, you can perform the steps, as long as Microsoft decides to keep Control Panel active. But, it is important to note that these steps may differ based on the version of the operating system on your computer. The steps below are exactly how it will be used from version 10 onwards.

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How to enable the option to display hidden files and folders in Windows?

1. Open Control Panel. If you don’t know how to do this, just type the name into the search box on the toolbar (bottom left of the screen with a magnifying glass icon).

2. In the upper right, where it says View by: Category, click the down arrow. This will open a list of options. Choose Large Icons.

3. Find File Explorer Options and click to enter this section.

4. A small window with three tabs will open at the top. Tap on the person that says “View” to show you all the available options.

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5. In the “Advanced Settings” pane, find “Hidden files and folders”. When you click, two options will appear.

6. Activate “Show hidden files, folders, and drives”, then exit by clicking the Apply button, then OK.

7. This way, you will now be able to view hidden files or folders on your computer.