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How to know who visited your Facebook profile (100% safe method)

Profile Picture: There are many people who can go through a user’s Facebook profile on a daily basis. Photograph: Dadu Rovich/Reuters

Facebook is currently the social network with the most users in the world with more than 2.74 billion people signed up on its platform, according to the Digital 2021 study developed by We Are Social and Hootsuite. naturally, This number also places it as the most important social platform in the world, after other high-quality platforms such as Instagram, WhatsApp or Twitter.

However, in the midst of a lot of people, quite often there are doubts among both Facebook users about their privacy and security. Considering the ease found in locating each other, People can feel noticed by other Internet users without being able to get a tool or help that would let them know this information.

However, for many years, there have been scammers or cybercriminals pledging to solve this problem, Through third-party applications that claim to be able to tell the person who visited their profileand thus be able to keep a record of the “gossip” who walk from time to time on his wall. Of course, at every opportunity, these applications turn into a scam that hackers use to get personal information from Internet users or just to spoil their lives for some time.

Now, in the midst of a lot of scams and scams out there, a reliable and secure way has recently been found by which you can get a list of users who visit your profile. Without the need to download any application, it will only be necessary to dig a little in the Facebook code to find out what history the social network has, specifically, with this information.

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To get this valuable data, you just have to follow these simple steps within the same code or Facebook program:

1. Open the Facebook page from your computer’s web browser.

2. Go to your profile. Once you click there F12 or the key combination Ctrl + U.

3. Immediately, a new tab will open offering you the Facebook HTML code. In summarizing, All these letters and numbers are what make up the social network.

4. It’s time to start the trick. Inside this screen, type group Control + F is used to start the search engine within the browser. Once opened, type: Buddy_ID Immediately a series of icons with this phrase will be highlighted in orange or red. If there is no shading, just press Enters To ask the browser to search for this key.

5. In front of each shaded “Buddy_ID” a multi-digit number will appear, in a few words, Represent each user who viewed your profile. To see who determines it, just copy this code and write the following link: (paste the code).

6. Journalism Enters And watch the “magic” get done.

This way you can review at least half a hundred users who have viewed your profile in recent months. It must be remembered that the list of users, as shown in the HTML code, It does not necessarily reflect the actual order in which people visited your profile; However, although it does not display a date or time, it is an interesting alternative to see who is watching your life on Facebook.

Note: As mentioned above, this method simply shows a record that Facebook is creating through its code, so it is not altered in any way, and the data obtained only serves as information.

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