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How to play Donkey Kong 1981; The video game turned 40 years old

On July 9, 1981, Nintendo released donkey kongArcade game by Shigeru Miyamotowhich they began to enjoy in Japan. However, His influence will be so great that very soon he will start marketing it all over the world, delighting with his addictive gameplay, leaving his legacy in history..

The plot was simple, An angry gorilla kidnaps a woman named Pauline, and it was the responsibility of a carpenter known as Jumpman (whose concept would later be taken to create a plumber Mario) rescues the girl in distress.

So he had to go up a series of stairs and platforms until they came with the gorilla; however, He threw barrels and there were other obstacles around the place, which made the experience a little more complicated during 4 levels.

The successful game has moved to consoles, starting with Atari for full entry later on to Nintendo consolesto where today, Donkey Kong continues to be a recurring character in Super Mario Bros. titles., now as a friend and companion to Mario, and has the privilege of titles, Donkey Kong Country.

Surely the only character that many lost track of was PaulineThe girl who was kidnapped before donkey kong. However, he is a recurring character in the saga Mario vs Donkey Kong; As if that wasn’t enough, he’s back in the main saga of Super Mario Odyssey from 2017, where she holds the position of mayor of New Dunk City; It was later released in Mario Tennis Aces and in the recently released Mario, also for the Nintendo Switch.

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How do you play Donkey Kong in 2021?

If what you want is to relive those wonderful moments by spending coins to play the catchy video game of the 80s then what you have to do is turn to Nintendo Switch, whose virtual store (eShop) has a selection of arcade games, and you’ll get to license it for 150.99 MXN.