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Huawei Mate V 23 grudnia 2021

Huawei Mate V – We know when Huawei will appear with a flap

Huawei is preparing this month for a new foldable smartphone. Huawei Mate V will be a foldable box with a flap.

The foldable smartphone segment is slowly but surely growing. Huawei is one of those manufacturers that it has been in for a long time. However, the Chinese did not have their smartphones with a flap yet. In the foldable phone segment, we see a trend of two different types of devices. The first degrades to form a tablet, and the second is new life for foldable phones. So far, we’ve only seen the X series, which represents the first type.

However, for several months we have been hearing signals that Huawei is preparing a foldable box with a lid. He must be called Huawei Mate V. The letter V is a pretty good symbol for a clamshell model, you have to admit. Now it turns out that the new phone will debut December 23. However, most of the technical specifications of the new device remain ambiguous. So far we only knew he’d have a deal Kirin 9000. However, other devices will also appear just before Christmas. During the same conference, new TVs, laptops and a smart sports band will also appear.

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research: Huawei also wants a foldable box with a flap. Huawei Mate V is still in 2021

Image source: Telepolis

Text source: Weibo via Gusmarina, feature

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