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‘I could have scored’ video: Julien Doré is a fan of Love in the Meadow

Monday 15 November in asideOn Canal+, Julien Doré revealed that he loves Love is in the meadow. And he could even participate.

Julian Dore, guest on the show aside, on Canal +, on Monday 15 November, he talked about his childhood … which he spent partly in front of the TV. “I’m just a kid”He explained, adding: “It is true that television was undoubtedly a part of my life, even a little more than music, during my childhood and adolescence. It slowed down a little later, when I returned to the fine arts. About eighteen. But before that, it is true TV was a way of not feeling too lonely. “ He especially watched police series and sitcoms. “Love is in the meadow,” said Pascal Clark, an insider. Yes, love is on the page“But that is still the case today,” said Julian Dore, who lives in the countryside, in Sevin, in the Ardèche, and who now makes his own jams. So Pascal Clark imagined the picture that Karen Le Marchand could paint: “The young singer, who loves permaculture and the great outdoors, is looking for a partner to help him grow tomatoes, eggplant, peppers and make apricot jam.”

Julien Doré could have shared the love in the meadow

I could sign up for a while… was a possibility”Then she captured Julian Dory, who preferred to be the new star and who would soon be coach The Voice Kids. However, he will be very satisfied with watching the program “touch. connection. connection” by offer candidates. “Obviously there are cameras and microphones […] But it is all a sign that in a society where there is a tyranny of acceleration and falling of reports, it is a sign that at this time there, in our country in particular, there are regions where interconnectedness is not necessarily evident.”Analyze, and conclude: “And touch me. “