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"I'm afraid of what's going on in the Polish church."

“I’m afraid of what’s going on in the Polish church.”

Composer and actor Paweł Domagała decided to make a true confession of allegiance. He is known for his very emotional and passionate songs. Fans thought that one of them was dedicated to his wife – Zusa Krabowska, but it turned out that it refers to the spiritual sphere! Now Domagała is harshly criticizing the church and revealing his anti-clerical attitude. Do you support his point?

About the song “Wracaj” Paweł Domagała: “These are not words for a woman, but for God”

In the first verse of the song “Wracaj”, Paweł Domagała sings: “You know that all I have is you / but I can be what you want me to be […] You will only say one word, you know / I will leave what I have / but maybe you will give me everything. “When the song had its first scene Fans thought the singer had spoken these beautiful words to his beloved wife Jusa Krabowska (daughter of Andrzej Krabowski). However, the artist speaks … to God!

These are not words for a woman, but words for God. Confidence is important to me, and it explains a lot. I think spirituality is an inherent need of every human being. A primary nostalgia that must be nurtured to live life to the fullest.

Paweł Domagała in blonde hair with a dog

Paweł Domagała criticizes Polish church!

Although she has a strong relationship with God, she openly states, for example in the song above, ah.One who has no problem pointing out the mistakes that priests are supposed to make.

I take my beliefs seriously. I am against a declared clergyman and I am afraid of what is going on in the Polish church. There has been nowhere to impress with confidence in recent years.

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