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Intel Xeon E-2300 Processors: Rocket Lake-E for Small Servers

Intel Xeon E-2300 Processors: Rocket Lake-E for Small Servers

Intel introduced the Rocket Lake-E series processors with the alias Xeon E-2300 without much ado. The series is very similar to the Core i-11000 (Rocket Lake-S) and Xeon W-1300 workstation models, but it shows with its own platform around the C256 and C252 chipsets.

Unlike Core i processors, Xeons can handle ECC error correction in main memory. In addition, Intel activates Software Protection Extensions (SGX), i.e. encrypted pockets inside RAM, in the case of Rocket Lake-E, with a maximum of 512MB.

Intel has included 10 models in its Ark database: From a quad-core Xeon E-2314 without Hyper-Threading (four threads) and a usable graphics unit to a Xeon E-2388G with eight cores, 16 threads, clock frequencies between 3.2 and 5.1 GHz and active UHD Graphics P750 graphics. The latter is interesting, for example, for high-performance network storage for connection to a display device.

(Photo: Intel)

The Xeon E-2388G is very similar to the Core i9-11900K, but has a lower thermal design power (TDP) of 95 instead of 125 watts. As a result, the CPU should achieve lower clock frequencies in real use.

The Xeon W-2300 series replaces the predecessor Xeon W-2200 from 2019, which is still based on Coffee Lake Refresh with up to eight CPU cores, similar to the Core i-9000. There are new Cypress Cove cores, faster DDR4-3200 memory instead of DDR4-2666 RAM, and, on the G models, an Xe GPU. Intel compares the Xeon W-2378G to the predecessor, the Xeon W-2278G, in the SpecCPU2017 standard, with the newcomer reportedly being 17 percent faster.

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The platform also offers advantages, about 20 PCI Express 4.0 lanes directly from the processor instead of 16 PCIe 3.0 lanes – four of which are for high-end hard drives, for example. 3.0 additional lanes come from the chipset.

However, Rocket Lake-E may only have a short life. Intel is already beating the drum for the new generation of CPUs around Alder Lake with 16 hybrid cores, PCIe 5.0 and DDR5 RAM. The Core i-11000 will be replaced for desktop computers the same year it was introduced.


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