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Nokia 3310 Firm vs... Human Stomach?!

Nokia 3310 Firm vs… Human Stomach?!

The legendary Nokia 3310 recently met up close with the human stomach. Who came out of this clash alive – a heavy-duty phone or a human?

He is said to be really creative Nokia 3310 It will survive it all – We all know that this phone will destroy the floor faster than breaking itself on it. The old machine (because it’s already 21 years old!) recently had the chance to find itself in completely unexpected circumstances.

Nokia 3310 in the human belly

The most durable Nokia devices are found in…stomach |! The incident occurred in Kosovo, where one prisoner complained of severe abdominal pain. The 33-year-old was taken to the University Medical Center in Pristina, where the cause of the man’s illness was suddenly discovered – the prisoner was quickly sent for urgent surgery.

By endoscopy, without opening the stomach, we removed the disassembled phone into three parts. It was like walking through a minefield, but everything went well and without complications.

– Says the doctor in charge of the operation.

Nokia 3310

It turns out that Nokia 3310 spent four days in a prisoner’s stomach. How a man managed to swallow such a large thing remains a mystery. The story ended well for him – the doctors were very worried about corrosive acid leaking from the phone battery. But surprisingly, there were no major problems.

In this strange situation, the Nokia 3310 has once again proven how resilient it is. Surprisingly, this equipment is still very popular in the world. For this reason, in 2017 the manufacturer released a renewed version of the smartphone:

The Nokia 3310 can be yours today! But is it worth buying?


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