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iPad Pro 2022 Apple M2 ekran Mini LED MagSafe szklana obudowa

iPad Pro 2022 with Apple M2 and MagSafe on the way When will the tablet premiere?

iPad Pro 2022 is the Apple logo’s flagship tablet of the year. The device will receive an Apple M2 chip and will provide support for MagSafe. When will the first show take place? New rumors about it assume its debut in the second half of 2022. Let’s see what to expect with the new iPad Pro tablet.

The iPad Pro 2022 is a tablet that has been leaked for several months. Mark Gorman got new information about this device. If they are correct, then there is definitely something waiting for you. The device is scheduled to receive an Apple M2 processor and will provide wireless charging support based on MagSafe.

Gurman says the 2022 iPad Pro will get an Apple M2 chip in 4nm lithography, which we’re also expecting in this year’s MacBook Air. It will be more powerful than the M1 chip, but it won’t deliver the same amount of performance that we know from other iterations of this processor with Max or Ultra additions. It will also be the company’s first tablet to support wireless battery charging.

iPad Pro 2022 with Apple M2 and MagSafe in the fall

Apple plans to unveil this device this fall. However, it is likely that it will not happen in September, when we will see the iPhones 14. It is likely that in October, when there will be an event dedicated to the M2 chip and the devices that will receive it. We’ll see what the reality will be in a few months.

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