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Irish men’s team cuts bonus amount to boost players’ salaries

On August 30, the Irish Football Association announced that players will receive the same bonuses. The men’s team agreed to cut their salaries to equal those of the women.

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In Ireland, footballers were paid more than women. The wage inequality that no longer exists today, from now on all athletes will receive the same rewards, whether they are men or women. The announcement was made on August 30 in a press release from the Irish Football Association.

“The Irish Football Association is proud to announce that players representing the women’s and men’s teams in the Republic of Ireland will receive the same match bonuses in international matches, with immediate effect, as part of a ‘revolutionary deal for Irish sport’.The union said in the statement.

Players reduce their bonuses to respect equality

In order for this measure to take effect, the men’s football team agreed to reduce the amount of its bonuses, to be on a par with the women’s team. This equal pay relates to bonuses for international matches, as well as bonuses for qualification for tournaments.

“We are pleased to do what we can to ensure that our international players are treated equally and fairly, and we remain fully committed to doing everything we can to achieve this together.”Said Seamus Coleman, defender for the Irish men’s team.

Image credit: FAIreland

Other countries have also changed the way rewards are distributed, such as England, Australia, Brazil, Norway and New Zealand. Like Ireland, they have formally committed to paying the men and women who play football in international matches on an equal footing.

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It’s a great day for Irish footballsaid Katie McCabe, captain of the Irish women’s team. We have taken a huge step forward with this agreement and shown the world what can be achieved through the federation, offering the same opportunities to international players. “

This new measure will take effect during the upcoming international matches that will take place in September.