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“It hurts” – a fuss over a penalty kick against BVB

Borussia Dortmund is unlucky enough to be eliminated from the Champions League by Manchester City – but one crucial scene sparked heated discussions after the match.

Dortmund’s miracle did not materialize: BVB was eliminated after 1: 2 (1: 0) in the second leg of the Champions League quarter-finals against Manchester City – after a brave performance against angry “citizens” at times.

One scene that caused a transformation in the ManCity match: the hand kick caused by BVB defender Emre Can in the 52nd minute of the match, which resulted in 1: 1 by Riyad Mahrez, is now causing heated discussions. “It’s bitter, it hurts,” he said on Sky. “I know I touched the ball first with my head and then my hand, so this wasn’t actually a penalty kick. The match changed after a 1-1 draw.”

‘Scandalous decision’

This is how it went: City’s Phil Foden crossed from the left into the penalty area, and Chan went to the ball with his head and left arm outstretched – the video images clearly showed how the play equipment hit the national player’s head on his arm. . According to current FIFA handball regulations, this would not be a violation of the rule – Spanish referee Carlos del Cerro Grande decided a penalty kick after a tip from VAR and a careful study of TV pictures. It is possible that the referee saw head and arm touching at the same time.

On the other hand, Sky expert Dietmar Hamann spoke of “a scandalous decision. We brought in video evidence to make things fairer. If such things are not returned, I don’t know if video evidence has a future.” For him, VV The assistant “was finally buried after three years.” Even legendary coach Ewald Lenin, next to Haman Skye’s guest that evening, said, “We have crazy explanations.”

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Dortmund coach Eden Terzic took a more relaxed approach after the match, but said: “After three of four games we succeeded – and annoyingly, we gave in with two goals like this. The referee’s training clearly states that the captain of one’s arm is not being punished. Let me describe it. It was like this: We were not very lucky with the decisions in the two matches. ”

Bundesliga captain Marco Reus also admitted: “If it were on the other side, we would have needed out loud.” Terzic also said, “To be fair, you have to congratulate. Man City played brilliantly and deserved to advance in one round. We had a big dream that is unfortunately now gone.

It’s bitter that a controversial decision contributed to this.