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Lille – Saint-Etienne: result and calculation;  Fight for the French Championship – Ligue 1

Lille – Saint-Etienne: result and calculation; Fight for the French Championship – Ligue 1

The team from northern France was three points ahead of the defense of Paris before finishing 37th. If he does not want to look at his opponents in the last series of matches, he must defeat Angers within a week. Brest will compete with Paris Saint-Germain next Sunday.

Lille lost points only once from a win over the current champions until Sunday through Sunday, with a draw with Montpellier. In the confrontation with Saint-Etienne, the players led by coach Christophe Gaultier did not look like a team heading confidently to the tournament.

The hosts match showed a lot of tension and no idea how to beat the opponent’s defense. In the first installment, the northern French players did not take a shot on target. The closest to success was Luiz Araujo, but the ball almost crossed the post after hitting him.

After changing sides, the match picture did not change. Lille’s players mainly tried to surprise their opponents with a long run, but most of them crossed Saint-Etienne’s goal from a safe distance.

In the end, the homeowners pressed hard on their opponents. They even hit the post, but didn’t find the way to the grid on Sunday.

March of Paris Saint-Germain

The current French champion did not face similar problems on Sunday evening. The Parisians on their soil quickly decided the fate of the competition with Stade de Reims.

Orodu: Getty Images The stars of Paris Saint-Germain quickly referred to the guests

Ten minutes later, the visitors’ team was weakened by their captain, Younes Abdel-Hamid, who tackled the ball with his hand in the penalty area. The arbitrator’s decision can be only one – the red card and eleven. Neymar turned the permanent part of the match into a goal with great ease.

The home side, who played up front, increased their lead 2-0 before the break thanks to Kylian Mbappe’s strike.

After switching teams, Marquinhos fell and Moise Kane scored 4-0 before the final whistle.

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